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The Business Formula That Cannot Fail

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The Business Formula That Cannot Fail
By Shayne Alexander Harris


Tip No1

Know your end result, make sure it is clearly defined, you should be able to  share that end result in a simple 30 second description with everyone you speak  to in order to gain momentum and influence. A leader must have influence and  that only comes from clear and precise objectives.

Tip No 2

Think big, be bold, focus on what you want, never focus on what you don’t  want and do not be afraid of committing to high expectations.

Tip No 3

Develop an I can, it will be done attitude, listen constantly to your  thoughts, constantly maintain a strong positive mental attitude, expect to get  what you are after. It is amazing how so few of us ever manage our thinking, we  are often too preoccupied with what’s going on around us and never get to tap  into our greater strength that lies within us. The power of a strong and winning  mindset begins and is maintained by our willingness to choose the right mental  attitudes.

Tip No 4

Get together a master mind of smart successful business owners on a regular  basis and seek good advice. No matter how smart you may think you are, there is  always someone who is smarter than you and usually is quite willing to share  there wealth of knowledge and resources.

Tip No 5

Be prepared to fail, take risks, but learn the lesson and then move on. We  often are crippled by our inner fears, instead of being motivated by our  inspiration, let go, give yourself permission to fail and just know their is  always a solution to any problem.

Tip No 6

Never take offence…period!! it does not work, all offence does, is make  mole hills into mountains, and fosters bitterness and anger, be kind and  considerate to all, yes it can be hard at times, but if you place love behind  every thought word and actions, then you will impact everyone you come in  contact with and in a positive and powerful way.

Tip No7

Love Never Fails, everyday you have a choice between two major emotions, Do I  LIve My Life In Fear…Or Do I Live My Life Through Love, we all know the answer  to that question, A life full of fear can only lead to self destruction, while a  life filled with love eventually leads to greater wealth, not only personally  and spiritually, but financially as well. So choose to love and you will  experience a life filled with endless joy and a business that can only  succeed.

Hi I’m Shayne Harris another great Business Formula is to seek the right  mentor and then get out of the way. I have followed world known and respected  Mack Michaels who is a successful internet marketer who created the Millionaire  Society a mentoring program that teaches online marketing and it works, it is  well worth checking out….Click here for your 3 day trial offer

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What’s Holding You Back From Success In Small Business?

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What’s Holding You Back From Success In Small Business?
By Francine Bishop


All of us want success, especially if we own a small business. But nobody  teaches us how to get there from here.

We are taught though to look at our present situation or state of affairs and  see this is not what we want!

We might have a spouse who will not be cooperative (or maybe no partner in  any respect), kids who aren’t appreciative, a home that is not sufficiently big,  an automotive that is not impressive enough, friends that aren’t cool, etc.  We’re jealous of the all of the nice toys our neighbor has. We blame our  situation, the weather, the financial system, our boss and many others for our  failure. Why can’t we get everything we want? Do you ever find yourself saying  these things?

Often we need a support, motivation and inspiration and accountability to  help us move from here to there. Sometimes we quite simply need a small business  coach – but we don’t realize it until it’s too late.

The first mistake we are making if we are in the frame of mind we talked  about above is we are focusing on the things that we don’t want!

If we’re always noticing how our children aren’t appreciative of us, our  children will know that we count on them to be unappreciative and can dwell as  much on these expectations, simply becoming increasingly unappreciative.

This precept applies to everything. The world generally will provide  something equal to our expectations. If we are at all times noticing how small  our home is, it’ll seem to become smaller and smaller in our minds. If we’re  jealous that another person has something we would like, then we are  specializing in the truth that we do not have it, and we’ll proceed to not have  it. If we blame the economic system for our lack of success, then not solely are  we specializing in the truth that we’re failing, we’re giving up control of that  situation. We are letting the economic system control whether or not we get what  we want. We are becoming a powerless victim. That is not where we want to  be.

The first step in creating small business success is taking responsibility  for what happens in our lives. We must also notice all things good in our lives  and be thankful for them. Planning for success is vital, as it takes you from a  place of lack and being a victim and puts you in a place of control.

The second, very common drawback, is our opinion of ourselves. The primary  thing that prevents most people from succeeding is fear. We are afraid that we  will fail, or we’re afraid that if we’re profitable then we won’t be capable of  handling it.

What it boils down to is a scarcity of self confidence. We don’t trust in our  abilities. We do not have faith that we will succeed and that we are able to  handle it success when it happens. We do not have faith that we will handle any  issues that will come up. Because of this, individuals procrastinate and check  out, using excuses like “I am working out the right way”. If we wait to solve  every attainable factor that might go wrong before we start, we will never get  started – and most certainly miss any window of opportunity.

Profitable individuals place confidence in themselves and have  self-confidence to know that they may be capable to deal with problems as they  arise. They seek guidance, support and surround themselves with people who are  achieving success.

Who is supporting you?

Written by Francine Bishop. Francine is the founder of Social Media Mayvin,  providing coaching to small business owners to get past the overwhelm and make  more money, do less work and have fun along the way. Visit for your free audio CD giving you  the 7 step system to small business success, including how you can systemise,  socialise and monetise more than ever before.

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About Airport Parking Offers Parking Lots with Car Mechanics, Oil Changes, and Car Washes For Your Convenience

About Airport Parking Offers Parking Lots with Car Mechanics, Oil Changes, and Car Washes For Your Convenience.

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A successful job search strategy consists of both an online and an offline approach

A successful job search strategy consists of both an online and an offline approach

Author: Ekowapi

To find the “hidden” job market one should focus on building his/her network including professors, friends, and relatives, and former employers or any professionals these people recommend. Successful networking requires that you have as many contacts as possible hear your story, so they realize you are in the job market. To find “published” opportunities, the Internet is clearly the place to go. Sites like continue to upload vacant positions in Kenya every day. Many people today have shunned offline job searching methods for the online ones. This is because the internet allows you to access a lot of information at one go. One is also able to reach out to as many people as possible and applications are delivered within minutes.

As much as we feel that the online avenue is very helpful, to find a job in Kenya within a short time you have to also make use of the offline job searching strategies. You have to know which companies are in Kenya and if they are hiring. Some may not be hiring at the moment but appreciate receiving applications for future consideration. In such an instance you have submit your application physically. This is not something you can do using the internet. Offline and online job searching strategies work best when they are used together to complement each other. Relying on just one oof them will be selling yourself short on the chances of getting that elusive job.

Do not underestimate the power of networking. The majority of successful candidates find their positions through networking–not by sitting back and waiting for online job boards to deliver offers to their desktop. It’s not just for powerful titans of industry; anyone can learn to network successfully. Start small by paying more attention to people around you. Don’t be shy about calling long lost relatives or chatting up the person sitting on the treadmill next to you at the gym. Tell them what you’re looking for and find out who they know or how they might be able to help. Expand your network by joining professional associations and attending local events. Finding a job in Kenya is a full-time job–stay positive, stay focused and don’t give up!

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You Must Listen To This Interview If You Care About Your Health…

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Home Based Business Legal Advice

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Home Based Business Legal Advice

By Debra Lindsey Fortner

If you own your own home-based business, you might not have ever thought about home based business legal advice before. Well, it is just as important for someone working out of their home for themselves to protect and grow their business equally to that of someone who has an office and is doing something more in the public eye. If you own a business of any kind, you are more than likely offering a product or a service to someone, somewhere, and what that means is that someone can sue you if they so choose to. Getting legal advice is a great way to manage and deal with all these things, unless you have an extensive legal background.

One of the most important things that will be important to home based business legal advice is to get a proper business set up completed, including a business plan, business financing, and protection in the form of business structuring. These are elements that are often neglected by those who are opening a business from home. Small business startup needs more help than many might think. Your idea might be fantastic and might blow others out of the water, but if you can not protect your business and yourself, you could be headed for dangerous water.

When you own a home based business, you might not be thinking about taxes either. Sure, you may have thought of the tax benefits of owning a business, but how about paying taxes? You need to get home based business legal advice on how to get registered in your area for a tax identification number, local and state tax payments, and find out if you need any permits or licenses to do what you are doing, where you are doing it. These are all important factors to small business legal advice that you can have for a very affordable price if you choose to use a prepaid legal business plan.

A new small business has a lot of things to get in order. Small business legal advice is necessary and can be very affordable. Protect and grow your home business by planning ahead and having a legal service ready, willing, and able to help you get things set up properly and also who can be there in the event that a fraudulent or even a legitimate lawsuit is filed against you for whatever reason. Using legal assistance is a great way to get a lot of necessary services and help.

Debra Lindsey Fortner is a professional legal expert, and has owned small businesses since 1999, providing training and consulting services to prestigious Fortune 500 law firms and legal corporate departments all over the United States and Mexico City. Ms. Fortner knows and has experienced challenges in owning and operating more than one small business and the importance of having a legal team and business consultants accessible for your business at all times to provide legal advice and business growth strategies. She loves to coach and has a high success rate of doing so and continues to be very resourceful in providing small businesses and home based business owners with leadership guidance in structuring and positioning their businesses. To find out more about how you can grow and protect your business visit

Debra Lindsey Fortner, Independent Associate, Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

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